Saturday, 29 September 2012

Snowflake Necklace

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You will need silver tiger wire.( £1.00)   approx 5 pkts of snowflake beads.( £1.00 per 100)    10mm abacus beads,(£1.30 a string) guardians, (50p)  crimp beads( £1.00 per 500) 6mm bead caps (50p per 100). lobster clasp ( £1.00 for 15), 6mm jump rings( £1.00 per 300). small piece of chain if you wish to have extenstion (£1.00 mtr) All available from myself, just call 01329 664005 for viewing.
Add one crimp bead. Put on a wire guardian.
Put the wire through one side of the guardian, then over the other side.go back through the crimp bead.
Pull the crimp bead towards the guardian.
Pull the crimp bead so it's close to the Guardian then crimp. 

Add a bead cap.
The pattern of this necklace is  17 snowflake beads, bead cap (facing towards blue bead) blue abacus 10mm bead, bead cap ( facing towards blue bead)
When you have the required length add a bead cap on. This gives a nice finish.
Finish as you started. put a bead cap on,then a crimp bead then thread on a guardian go back through the crimp bead then through the bead cap. 
Put the round nose pliers into the wire guardian and hold the length with the flat head pliers. pull the flat head pliers untill the guardian sits tight to the crimp bead.
Squash the crimp bead and cut off excess tiger wire.
Add a jump ring.
Add a lobster clasp to the left hand side.
add chain to the necklace.
Finished Necklace.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How to make a stretch elastic bracelet

A basic bracelet for those wanting to start jewellery.
You will need 1mm clear elastic. Rhondelle spacer beads.10mm drawbench beads, 10mm stardust beads, 10mm white pearls,10mm cyan abacus beads, all purpose glue.
Choose your pattern.
Repeat this pattern until you reach the required length.
Tie a knot.
Add glue to the first knot.
Tie a second knot and leave to dry. DO NOT TRY YOUR BRACELET ON UNTILL COMPLETELY DRY. Cut off the excess elastic close to the knot.  PLEASE GO TO OLDER POST AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR THE NEXT PAGE
You bracelet is complete.
Call 01329 664005 if you wish to buy the beads.